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1 宾语从句 

A 做主语或宾语----what(whatever)who(whoever)whom(whoever)

B Which,whose一般在宾语从句里面不设考点。

C that,whether…..or not 

whether是否:1、动词不定式前 2、介词后 3、宾语从句放在句首表示强调 4whether….or not 固定搭配 

D doubt肯定句后接whether,否定句(few,little,rarely,hardly,searely,seldom,neither…nor)或疑问句加that  

doubt that+句子

2 表语从句考点 

A It (this,that) is  (because)…..

B The(reason,fact,idea)is that..

3 主语从句考点 

A It(it)  is(was) ….that

B There be…that

C Whether引导主语从句   

例如:Whether we will hold a party in the open air tomorrow depends on the weather.

4 名词性从句 

A how much(little), how much+不可数名词  (how many+可数名词)How后面接形容词 much; what后面接名词。如What a beautiful weather . How nice the advice is.

5 定语从句 

A that做主语或宾语,修饰人或物。---------先形词前面有最高级修饰的时候,先行词本身 是不定代词的时候,如allsomethinganythingnothing;先行词的前面有the first(second)等序数词修饰的时候,或者有verylittlenoonly;先形词本身是抽象名词的时候(ideawayfact)

B 介词宾语,介词提前只能用whomwhich 例如She is the girl for whom I look

C 非限制性定语从句,用which(代表事物)who做主语或宾语。  



例如:Mr Lu, who came to see me yesterday , is an old friend of mine.      

This nove, which I have read three times, is very touching. 

D Whose做定语,表示人或物

例如I like the house,whose windows face the sea .

E 状语:when=介词(in,on)+which     where=介词(in on)+which   why for +which

6 状语从句 

A 时间状语--------while2个考点,要么后面用进行态;要么表示前后对比,翻译成“虽 然”、“但是”,往往表达一种不满。  例如:The soilders face the powder, while the beauty powder the faces

B 表示“前后对比”的词:whilewhereas,by(in)contraston the other handin comparison conversely   表示“前后相反”的词:on the contrary相反的, instead(of)相反, in fact(事实上) rather than(而不是)

C as的用法 

a as表示一边…….一边…….(时间状语

b as做“尽管”的意思,要倒装(让步状语


Child as he was, he knew what was the right thing to do. 

=Though he was a small chile, he knew what was the right thing to do.   主谓并句型:倒动词谓语,如果谓语后有状语和宾语,都需随动词倒装。  

Try hard as he will, he never seems able to do the work satisfactorily .

= Though he tries hard, he never seems. 

cas…..as….     not so…..as…..(比较状语)

dso as to , as to (目的状语)

csuch as(定语从句

dso long as , as long as (条件状语

Dbefore考点-------It is long times before+从句


Fsince考点-------现在完成时 (have beenhas been) 

Gas soon asthe momentthe instant(立即)the minuteimmediately(立刻)directlty(立刻)等引导的时间状语,这些连词都表示“一…….就……” 

Hhardly(scarcelyrarely)…..when / no sooner…..than相当于as soon as之意。主句用过去完成时,从句用一般过去时。当hardly, scarcelyrarelyno sooner位于句首时,主句应用倒装语序。例如:No sooner had the sun shown itself above the horizon than he got out of bed to commence work..太阳刚从地平线升起,他就起床劳动去了。

Iby the time考点:主句的谓语动词用将来完成时。如By the time this is finished,we will have been all tired. 

J、条件状语从句考点:如果provided(that)倘若,otherwise否则,unless(=if not)除非,on condition that 如果  注意:用条件状语从句时要注意时态的正确使用,当主句是将来时的时候,从句要用一般现在时。 

11、原因状语从句考点:in thatnow that 


so that(以致于)so…..that(如此….. 以致于),in order that(to), such….thatonly to(不料)too….to….(太…..而不能)in order to , let for fear that (以防万一)in case (of) (以防万一

要注意so thatsuch that 的区别,such是形容词,在此处做表语,如The force of the explosion is such that it blew out all the windows.     

So that是连接副词,如He speaks slowly so that she can understand what he said. 

还要注意sosuch的区别:so+形容词  such+名词 


in spite of尽管 , despite of------名词(动名词


as….as….. more than  than that(those复数)  



1 as……as和…一样 

Jack is as tall as Bob. 捷克和汤姆一样高。

2 not so(as)……as….和…不一样 

She is not so(as) outgoing as her sister. 她不如她姐姐外向。  比较级 

3 more. than (

This book is more instructive than that one. 这本书比那本书更有教育意义。


1、      the most….in/of 

This book is the most interesting of the three.这本书是三本书中最有趣的。

2、      the+形容词+est…..of/in 

This road is the busiest street in our city .这条路是我们城市最繁忙的街道。






1 three times as long as

2 three times longer than

3 three times the longth of


1 four times as wide as

2 three times wider than

3 three times the width of 




3the比较级,the比较级     表示“越….越…..”

15no more than 只不过(嫌少的意思) Nothing more than只不过 

16、方式状语as ifas though (虚拟语气)

17besides, except, other than除了 Except that除了某个方面(不同一类) Beside除了…..还有 (同一类) Except不包括  (同一类

18so far(到目前为止)+完成时态           

by far(尤其,特别)+比较级或最高级   

倚天剑  阅读理解解题顺序(四大法宝

1 先看中心句,在ABCD2个单词和中心句相同 

2 中心句如果没有答案,你就去找关键词(2种找法:A从答案找,ABCD出现了3-4 个相同的词。B从题干找)关键词找到后看关键词本身这一句,如果没有,再看前后一句,找2个单词相同的。 

3 当关键词你定位不准的时候,就定位答案,找转折和总结。 转折的词:but, however ,yet, nevertheless 

总结的词:finally, eventually, as a result , turn out, lastest , most important , so, hence , thus.

4 如果转折和总结没有找救命草。看哪个答案是相对的,新的,发展的,变化的,基 本的, 

特别注意: 以上(步骤)顺序千万不要搞错。  

救命草  ABCD四项答案出现在15个单词的一般是正确答案。

New, potention潜在, base on基于, change/improve改良 , development发展,shift变化 )  


1、中心-------双重否定------文章定位    主系表是救命草 



4、选项出现all of above(上面所有的)是正确答案。




屠龙刀  作文模板(背熟,达到能默写的程度)  

第一段点明主体Nowadays, (1protecting environment) has become a matter of great concern of the general public in our society , especially for those who are confronted with this problem . There are, as is vividly described among people, (2protecting environment) is important, This is something we should give more though to.  

第二段说明原因The topic are though-provoking, and what it illustrates is a common reason: (3protecting environment is good for our the earth where we live . 4Protecting environment is good for human who live in the earth.)  As is shown in theme given above.  

第三段解释如何做Therefore, it is imperative for me to take drastic measure to (5protect environment) . In the first place , I should try my best to set up a plan for the perfect goal according to the factual situation where I live. Second, those tasks which were build by me, in thinking must deserve to be performed absolutely. Such as (5planting tree, saving water, using environment goods ) and so on.. Last but least, it is necessary to encourage  (6my friend ) to supervise me  as much as possible in and around the circumstance where the aims where carried out . I am looking forward to a much betterand brighter future.

































Olympic Torch Bearer

Olympic torch relay can represent the Olympic spirit of participation, persistence and courage. It is a very important part in the course of the Olympic Games. To me, Olympic torch bearers should have such qualifications: Firstly, they are crazy about the sports because only those who cherish great enthusiasm about sports can be devoted to the task of Olympic torch relay. Secondly, they should be persistent in coping with any difficulties no matter how hard or no matter what kind. Thirdly, they should have strong sense of responsibility.

As far as I am concerned, being an Olympic torch bearer has been my long dream. I am a person of optimism, aspiration and confident; meanwhile, I have a strong sense of love, responsibility, and courage. Furthermore, I love sports. So I believe that with such an opportunity of being an Olympic torch bearer in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the special experience of participation would furnish me with the Olympic spirit of never giving up, and I am sure to get over all obstacles in my life no matter what happens.


Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is one of the most important things in one’s life. If we find the right career, we will be happy and successful. If we find the wrong one, we will not be able to fully display our talents. Unfortunately, many of us make costly mistakes. The trouble is that we often choose a career for the wrong reasons. For example, some people simply follow in the footsteps of their parents’ or their relatives’, and many others change jobs constantly under the influence of friends who give advice. As a result, they can’t make the best use of their talents, and finally they get nowhere in their work.

These mistakes can be avoided by taking into account some factors such as our choice and the necessary information about the job before we make the decision. Above all, It is important to make a fair evaluation of ourselves. Be sure that we know where our interest lies and that our abilities are. Only by doing so can we not only reach the goal of our work but also get great enjoyment from our work.


TO work or to study further?

To work or to study further? Probably no two persons would give us exactly the similar answer, some believe that they need work for money and self-improvement, while others think that thy should study further for better work and more money in the future. As far as I am concerned, I like to work instead of study further, because work can help me learn how to communicate with others in order to build my network of social relations, and nowadays communication skills are as important as intellectual growth to compete in society.

By means of good communication during work, we can show our talents and abilities to impress others, thus more opportunities can be created. Good communication can build good cooperation. By talking and interacting with others, we can exchange information, and know that strengths we can bring to the table. The great writer Maxim Gorky once said that when work I a pleasure, life is a joy; when work is a duty, life is a slavery, and I agree with him totally, I shall take any job that makes me happy and requires my qualifications at the same time.

To be in brief, I should work to invest life with meaning. In fact work isn’t just for wages but for a daily meaning and daily bread, for recognition as well as money. And for enjoyment as well as achievement.


TO Learn or to Practice

Some people think college students should often take part in school practical work such as all kinds of contests and sports, others hold the main ask of students is learning, students shouldn’t pay too much attention to practical work.

Those who are often doing practical work think that such activities can provide students with good chance of meeting more people and making more friends. Moreover, by doing practical work at shool or in the society, students can learn many things that are not taught by textbooks. However, many other people hold the opposite opinion. They think practical work will occupy too much time and influence students’ study. Besides, school activities are just for fun, which are not worth too much time and energy.

As for me , I like to take part in practical work and I have benefited a lot from doing the practical work, First, I have made many good friends in clubs. What’s more, by attending club activities , I have enhanced my ability of dealing with different people and situations, but, of course, I haven’t neglected my studies, practical work is only part of my school life and it helps me with study.

It is very important for us to learn how to combine theory with practice. When we learn knowledge from books, we should keep its possible practical use in mind.


The importance of University Education

The great educator Mr. tao xingzhi in modern china once said that the biggest misfortune in one’s life is that one does not receive a university education. Needless to say, going too university is not only helpful but also important.

As far as I am concerned, I enjoy my university education in the following aspects. Firstly , going to a college is a necessary step for one who wants to start a career in science and technology areas, I’d like to become a scientist in the future, it is important for me to go to a science school in the university. Secondly, a university education can help me with a better and deep understanding of our life and our society; it can also build up our values, enhance our skills, and broaden our horizons. Lastly , it is no doubt that the competition of our society has become more and more intense now. In order to have more knowledge and skills for such a competition, I am sure that university education is a good way and a right choice not only for me, but also for every young person.


The impact of china railway high-speed on our life

With the development of economy and social civilization , china railway high-speed(CRH)has made great progress during recent years, some people think that CRH is really much better than other transportation , while others hold that CRH costs too much money in our country, which is not necessary the right item right now.

As for me, I believe that CRH has made great impact on our life now. Firstly, CRH can bring us good convenience , no matter where you are and no matter when you are, you can buy a ticket, then take CRH to your destination easily and quickly. Secondly, CRH has the advantages of cleanliness, security ,punctuality, high speed, and large transport capacity, which can solve the traffic jams and serious pollution caused by the rapid increase of the urban population and the number of automobiles in china. Thirdly, CRH can reduce the cost of transportation of both passengers and goods, and this will be beneficial to the development of china economy, and it helps to improve the competition of railway system in china.

It is no doubt that each coin has two sides. Since CRH is currently still at its first stage, this will unavoidably bring us a certain degree of environmental pollution and chances of traffic accidents, But with the help of science and technology, I am sure that china railway hight-speed will make a great contribution to our life and social progress in the future.


Online shopping

With the rapid development of computer technology , online shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially among young people.

Shopping online makes our life more convenient and comfortable. We don’t need to go outside and look for what we need in the shops one by one. We can even buy the goods in foreign countries through internet . by doing so, our precious time and energy is saved. Besides, goods sold online are often cheaper than those in shops. This is because there is no middle merchant between the seller and the buyer.

But there are still some disadvantages. Some people are cheated since the seller and the buyer do not make a face-to-face deal. The quality of the goods can not be ensured, either, furthermore, the goods may be damaged during the delivery.

In my opinion, shopping online will play a very important part in our life, more and more people will be accustomed to this kind of shopping and benefit from it if we can make good use of online shopping.


An important thing to change my hometown

In the southern suburbs of Guangzhou, there stands a small village, my birth place, my hometown used to be a beautiful place with its green hills , a wild field ,and a little stream around, however, with the growth of population and industrialization in the pearl river delta areas, a shortage of freshwater has become a serious problem in my hometown.

It is well-known that fresh water plays a very important part in our daily life, more and more fresh water has been used in people’s living. Washing and entertainment, Moreover, many lakes and rivers, even seas nowadays have been polluted by dirty water from the pipes of factories in my hometown, it is possible , also, to use the waste water again after it has been purified in the plant. Any possible solutions should be tried for the survival of man in my hometown.


Should National Holidays be Longer?

In recent years, national holidays in our country are much longer than ever before, when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages towards this phenomenon, different people have different opinions. Some say that this is very necessary for the economic progress inland while some others believe that this will cause several problems, however, from my own perspective, its disadvantages surpasses its advantages.

Firstly, as holidays are longer than before, most people are more inclined to go traveling for relaxation. So there would be a lot of people staying in the same place and traffic jams may arise then, To make it worse. It is likely to cause traffic accidents, Secondly, the scenic spots ,especially those natural sites are, by any possibility, easily to be polluted by so many wastepaper, plastic bags, beverage bottles,etc.

From what we have discussed above. It is obvious that the disadvantages are more evident than the advantages, I think that national holidays should not be longer anymore.


The stress in our life

It is very clear that the stress index of city residents has been going up since 2010. Stress has gradually become a noticeable part of our everyday life in our modern society now. For one thing, many people become sick of the long-term stress and strain in their work, For another, many people find it hard to relax after a hard day work.

There are many reasons for the increasing stress index of city residents first of all , competition at work or for jobs brings out greatest pressure, in addition uncertainty about the future makes the situation even worse, moreover, the quick rhythm of modern life is another reason for this kind of stress.

Considering all these. I think the stress index may go up further because of the struggle, social competition and the intense situation of new knowledge study. Therefore, people should learn how to cope with these pressures so as to adjust to harmony society effectively.


My life after graduation from college

My life after graduation frome college is generally rich and colorful. I ‘d like to make full use of my spare time by means of reading , doing sports. And surfing the internet during my spare time,

Reading is one of my favorite activities for sure. I prefer to read books in the library instead of staying t home, because we have a community library down the street with a huge collection of bbooks. I often go there over the weekends for scanning what’s new in the library and how is the new information from magazines and newspapers around the world.

Don ‘t mistake me as some book-hunger person. I like sports too. In taking part in out-door sports, I am closer to nature and can take in fresh air. The beauty of nature will keep me clear-headed, Sports can also prevent me from getting too fat ,and keep me healthy mindly and bodily.

Internet has become a major media in recent years, At night when I ‘m away from my work at office, I would be online, chatting with my new friends from other countries to learn different cultures and customs. Sometimes I am going to do some online shopping over the internet.

This is that my simple life if after graduation from my college during my spare time. I do hope that I can try hard to find more meaningful things in my life


The importance of obtaining a degree for your life

It is well-known that there are sharp competitions in the market of employment today. A college degree is , to some extent, a passport to a prosperous future, So if one wants to find a decent job in the future. It is important and necessary for him or her to obtain a degree first.

As for me, to obtain a degree is not an easy thing . but I believe that great success resulted from hard-working and great confidence. First of all, I should overcome a lot of difficulties while I am learning something new within my course in my spare time. I will try my best to understand what I learn. Meanwhile , when I come across difficulties and hardships, I should not complain all the time , instead, I should cope with them with patience and confidence . And what’s more. I should build up my faith by realizing my strong points and weak points.

As the proverb goes, “where there is a will, there is a way”. I am sure I can obtain a degree successfully in my life through my diligence and intelligence.

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