2017 年 广东学位英语考试真题与答案

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017学位英语考试真题 文档

2017 年 4 月成人高等教育本科毕业生申请学士学位

外国语水平考试广东 )



Part I Dialogue completion (15 points)

Part II Reading Comprehension (40 points)

Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

Part IV Cloze (10 points)


1. 本试卷分试卷一和试卷二两部分, 试卷一满分 85分, 试卷二满分 15分, 考试时间共 120分钟。

2. 本试卷一为 A 型试卷,请将答案用 2B 铅笔填涂在 A 型试卷一答题卡上,答在试卷或其 他类型答题卡上的无效。答题前请核对试卷一答题卡是否为 A 型卡,若不是,请要求监考 人员予以更换。

3. 答题卡上正确的填涂方法为:在代表答案的字母上划线,如 [A][B][C] [D]

Part I Dialogue Completion (l5 points)

Directions: There are I5 short in complete dialogues in this part, each followed by four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the ANSWERSheet.

1. Speaker A: ______ I guess I’m addicted to the Internet.

Speaker B: So you’d better quit surfing the Net deep into the night.

A.I knew it.B. Why, it’s a pity!

C. I can't help it. D. What seems to be the problem?

2. Speaker A: Don't be sad, I'm sure things will change for the better soon.

Speaker B:______.

A. That sounds awful. B. Yes you're probably right.

C. I hope not! D. You are welcome!

3. Speaker A: Can I get some information about the training program here?

Speaker B: _______

A. Yes, you do B. Go ahead

C. You certainly can D. That's fun

4. Speaker A: Tom, would you like to go to a party this Saturday?

SpeakerB :______ What kind of party?

Speaker A: It's a birthday party.

A. Sounds good B. Looks nice

C. Seems all right D. Feels OK

5. Waiter : ______?

Customer : Yes, I'll have a steak, medium rare, with French fries.

A. What do you want to eat

B. Have you decided what to do yet

C. Excuse me, are you ready to order now

D. Sorry, but who'd like to order

6. Speaker A: I’ve just heard the news about your test. Well done!

Speaker B:_____.

A. Don't mention it B. Thank you

C. Oh no! It was awful D. Oh it might be easy

7. Speaker A: Let's come back to our talk.______

Speaker B: You were talking about your trip to South Africa.

A. What did I say? B. I forgot the time.

C. Where was I? D. I have no idea.

8. Speaker A: Why don't we play basketball this weekend?

Speaker B:______.

A. That's a brilliant idea B. Sounds like an excellent job

C. Glad you could make it D. I'm sure it isn't so bad

9. Speaker A: I'd like a beer.

Speaker B: Certainly sir,______

A. I'll take it. B. what can I get you?

C. did you have a busy day? D. I'll get that straight away.

10. SpeakerA : Thank you for yourtime andeffort to make my visit a success. Speaker B:_______.

A. Don't say thanks B. Don't be so polite

C. You are so polite D. It's my pleasure

11. Speaker A: I quit my job today, honey.

Speaker B: Why? __?

Speaker A: No, I just got tired of doing the same thing again and again. A.Is it boring B. Are you sure

C. Did something happen D. Are you serious

12. SpeakerA : I love swimming in a lake It's so much better than the ocean. Speaker B:______! Ilike to swim in a pool.

A.Sowhat B. Good for me

C. Me too D. I don't

13. Speaker A: Imet up with Jane today.

Speaker B: Really?

A.Howisshedoing? B.Comeon.

C. No wonder. D. Is that right?

14. Speaker A: Hello,Shawinigan Water & Power Company,how may Ihelp you? Speaker B: ______

A.Hello. Can you tell me your name?

B.I'm calling about my electricity bill.

C.May Ihaveyouraccountnumber?

D.OK, thank you for your help.

15. SpeakerA : I'dliketosharewithyouwhat's in my mind.

SpeakerB :______

A. I'm all ears B.Thankyouforyourtime

C. It's up to you D.I'drathernot

Part II Reading Comprehension (40 points)

Directions: There are four passages in this part. Each passage is followed by fivequestions or unfinished statements.For each ofthem there are four choicesmarked A, B C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on theANS H ER SHEET.

Passage One

Big data can be defined as information that is too big or complex to be containedor processed by any one machine or person.AsastudentattheUniversity of Sussex, Julian Dailly had two majors – English and philosophy. When he completed his studies, Dailly wondered how he would everearn a living in a world filled with machines and technology. Now, he is part of the big data industry that includes Google andFacebook.

Dailly's research company,Morar Consulting,started three years ago with fiveemployees.The company's earnings have increased by 25 % each year.It now employs90 people."What we do here is we try to discover what's meaningful for people and Linkthattotheireconomicbehavio r,‖ Daillysaid.

He noted the importance of working with people with different skills."We havepeople from traditional research backgrounds,in addition to some in social sciences,economics,people from tech backgrounds,and sales people," Dailly said.

Companies like Dailly's employ recent college graduates.The industry profitsfrom the ideas ofthese young men and women. New forms ofdata also make it possiblefor some observers to predict the future. They are more valuable to companies than thetraditional forms ofdata recording or reporting.

"We have access to the core information inside people's heads," Dailly said."Theytell you what people are going to do as opposed to what they've done. That helps peopletake proper action in advance. This makes it much more useful for strategy."Julian Dailly dismisses concerns that computers have finally taken control ofourdaily lives. "Some may worry that humans will be allowed to be replaced by machines.Ithink it's a fantasy."

16.Dailly has an educationbackground of ______.

A.engineering B.arts

C. sciences D.business

17.Dailly'scompany focuses on businesses in ______.

A. marketing strategy B.machineselling

C. staff training D.bigdataresearch

18.The company's staffis characterized by all the following EXCEPT ______.

A.freshideas B.youngage

C. mixed education backgrounds

D. rich experience in the field

19.The company is aimed at making use of the information to help people ______.

A.take predictive actionB.rememberthepast

C. learn fromeachotherD.stick to the tradition

20.According to Dailly, the idea that humans may be replaced by machines ______.

A.isawisewarning B.ispureimagination

C.maycometrue D.needsfurtherstudy

Passage Two

A new record for the oldest woman to run a marathon has been set, but it may notstand for more than a year Hariette Thompson, 92, said that she hasn't ruled outrunning the Rock'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego again next year. Hariette finished in7 hours, 24 minutes, 36 seconds, the BBC reports, coming close to the over-90 record of7 hours, 7 minutes, and 42 seconds she set in 2014, despite having a very difficult yearbetween marathons."I couldn't train very well because my husband was very ill and Ihad to be with him for some time, and then when he died in January Ihad sometreatments on my leg," Thompson, who was in her 70s when she ran her first marathon, Tellsthe AP."Iwasjust really thrilled that I could finish today.

At 92 years and 65 days old, Thompson is 46 days older than Gladys Burrill waswhen Burill finished the 2010 Honolulu Marathon.―I can't believeI made it,‖Thompson tells the Charlotte Observer. "I was really tired at one point. Around Mile 2 1,Iwas going upa hill and itwas likeamountain,and Iwas thinking,'This issortofcrazy at my age. Ican't do it'. But thenI felt better coming down the hill. And my sonBrennykeptfeedingmeallthesewonder (碳 水 化 合 物 )thatkeptmegoing.‖Thompson— whoseparents,threebrothers,andhusbandalldied of cancer-tells the Observerthat the San Diego marathon's fundraising for the Leukemia(白血病 ) Society is what inspired her to run and may even bring her back again nextyear.

21.What does Thompson say about the San Diego marathon next year?



C. She is sure to take part in it.


22.When did Thompson set her firs over-90 marathon record?

A.In2010. B.In2012. C.In2014. D.In2016.

23.WhatdidThompsonmainlydo in that difficult year?

A.She took care of her husband. B.She hurt her leg and had to rest.

C.She received some new training. D.She traveled around with her family.

24.During this year's marathon, Thompson ______.

A.ranfasterthanlasttime B.once considered giving up

C.was confident she could make it D.could hardly move in the end

25.What inspired Thompson to run the marathon?

A.Setting her son a good example. B.Settingnewmarathonrecord

C.Raisingmoneyforcancertreatment D.Living up to her own promise.

Passage Three

Before the grass has thickened on the roadsides and leaves have started growing onthe trees is a perfect time to look around and see just how dirty Britain has become. Thepavements are stained with chewing gum and the ditches are full of discarded fast foodpackets. Years ago Iremember traveling abroad and being saddened by the plastic bagsand discarded bottles.

owadays, Britain seems to look at least as bad. What has gonewrong?

The problem is that the rubbish created by our increasingly mobile lives lasts a lotlonger than before. If it is not cleared up and properly thrown away, it stays in theundergrowth(下层灌木 ) foryears.

It is estimated that 10 billion plastic bags have been given to shoppers. These willtake anything from 100 to 1,000 years to rot However, it is not as it there is no solutionto this. A few years ago, the Irish government introduced a tax on non-recyclable carrierbags and in three months reduced their use by 90%. When he was a minister, MichaelMeacher attempted to introduce a similar arrangement in Britain. The plastics industryprotested, ofcourse. However, they need not have bothered; the idea was killed before itcoulddrawbreath,leavingsupermarkets free to give away plastic bags.

What is clearly necessary right now is some sort of combined action, bothindividual and collective,before it is too late.The alternative is to continue slidingdownhill untilwehaveacountrythatlooks like a vast rubbishtip. Wemaywellbeatthetippingpoint.Yetweknowthatpeoplerespondtotheirenvironment.Ifthings around them are clean and tidy, people behave cleanly and tidily. If they are surroundedby rubbish,they behave like rubbish.Now,much of Britain looks pretty dirty.Whatwill it look like in five years? 26.What might be the best title for the passage?

A.PlasticBags B.Environment Protection

D.RubbishDisposal C.DirtyBritain

27.Theplasticsindustryin Britain protested because ______.

A.a tax was proposed on non-recyclable carrier bags

B.supermarkets no longer gave away plastic bags


D. the government did not support them

28.The expression "sliding downhill" (Para.4) probably means"______‖

A.working hard to reduce rubbish

B.producing more plastic bags

C.encouraging people to use plastic bags

D. making things worse by taking no action

29.Which ofthe following best describes the author's outlook on the environment?

A. Optimistic. B.Confused. C. Concerned. D.Indifferent.

30.The purpose of the article is to ______.

A.encourage the public to take action against rubbish

B.discourage people from supporting the plastics industry

C.call on the government to protect the environment

D. encourage supermarkets to give away recyclable bags

Passage Four

ThosewhoworkintheNetherlandsoftenfeel thatalotoftimeiswastedindiscussions that lead to nothing. There are often meetings with documents, an agenda, and a chairman.All those present will have their say,after which their remarks arediscussed.

He who decides to skip a meeting though he has nothing more urgent to attend to,will find it

unwise.The interacting that takes place during a meeting is very importantfor the general process. He who does not appear is saying that he does not think the subject is sufficiently important,or that he apparently does not take his colleaguesseriously.Furthermore,he might miss some of the essential information that maybecome evident during the meeting.Those who are present show an interest in theproblems of their colleagues. They supply questions, rather than commands, and thusdeclare themselves"co-responsibl e‖. The Dutch,in their final conclusions,like to usesuch metaphors as"We are all in one line" or ―Our noses are pointing in the samedirection again.‖ If you present a decision, you will find that everyone has something to say about itand has questions to ask. This is why the Dutch will not be quick to present somethingastheonly correctsolution.Theadvantagetothisapproach isthat such ameeting willoften lead to genuine suggestions for improvement on certain aspects of a plan. As aresult, the plan will be ajoint approach.

This time-consuming and seemingly useless process helps colleagues become ateam. The amount oftime that is lost around the table is more than what made up forinefficiency,once everyone goes back to work.Statistics show Dutch employees areamong the world leaders when it comes to work productivity.

31.According to Paragraph 1, meetings in Dutch companies seem to ______.


B.waste a lot oftimein fruitless discussion

C.enable employees to know each other better

D. be good occasions for employees to show their talent

32.To Dutch employees, one who is absent from a meeting ______.


B.may have something more urgentto do

C.does not miss much critical information

D.may have nothing to say at the meeting

33.According to Paragraph 3,why can't Dutch employees come to a quick decision?

A.People are constantly in dispute.

B.An idea usually undergoes a full discussion.

C.Suggestions often lead nowhere.

D.People often forget the aims ofmeetings.

34.What does the last paragraph tell us?

A.Many leaders in the world are Dutch.

B.Dutch employees are highly productive.

C.Dutchcompaniesare the most successful in the world.

D.Dutchemployeesworkhardest intheworld.

35.The author's attitude towards the Dutch meeting is quite

A. unclear B.negative C. positive D.neutral

Part II Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

Directions : There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there arefour choices markedA,B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes thesentence.Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.

36.Yourhouseisalwayssoneat-howdo you______ itwiththreechildren?

A.manage B. serve C. adopt D.build

37.You look well. The air and the sea foods in Hawaii must ______ you

A.agreeabout B.agreeto

C.agreeon D.agree with

38.How the president ______ this effective solution to the problem remainsunknown. A.putupwith B.cameupwith

C.caughtupwith D.keptupwith

39.The Somali robbers' ______ attacks on the sea urged all nations to takeimmediateaction, A.fresh B.free C.frequent D.fluent

40.She got so well prepared that she passed the challenging test

A. at most B.with luck

C.withease D.atbest

41.Everybodywastouched ______ word afterhearinghermoving story.

A.with B. without C.beyond D. to

42.You'dsoundalotmorepoliteifyoumakearequest ______ a question.

A.insearchof B.intheformof

C.inneedof D.in the direction of

43.Your understanding of the theory is_____ satisfactory.You must read moreafter class. A.farfrom B. up to

C.alongwith D. so far

44.Bequick, ______you'llmissyourfight.

A.otherwise B. unless C.and D. rather

45.Ifyouare ______about other teaching methods, we'll discuss them later.

A.interested B. curious C. anxious D. impressed

46.The number ofcollege graduates going into business-related fields has ______ increased. A.shortly B. partly C.sharply D. mostly

47. I ______ my experiment report all the morning and haven't finished yet.

A. write B.waswriting

C.havewritten D.havebeenwriting

48.There are forty students in our class, most of ______ are from big cities.

A.them B. US C.whom D. who

49.Istillremembertheday ______ we first met, during my first visit to the town.

A. when B. that C.which D. in that

50.--I forgotmyphoneonthetrain,but luckily someonegaveittoarailwayofficial.

--How unbelievable! Imean,it ______ have been lost.

A.will B. might C. back D. must

51.I'll let you know as soon as he ______ back.

A. will come B. comes C.shouldcome D.come

52.Atnotime ______ in the whole building.

A.smokingispermitted B.smoking be permitted

C. is smoking permitted D.be smoking permitted

53.Todaywehavethe ______ oflisteningtotwovery unusual men

A.privilege B. right C. power D. advantage

54.The ceremony will be broadcast ______ on television.

A. live B. alive C.living D. lively

55.Homework should not be used as a_____ ofcontrolling children.

A.meaning B. mean C.means D. medium

56.What the secretary suggests to Mr. Brown is well worth ______.

A.considering B.considered C.consider D.tobeconsidered

57.Ihave ______ anewcomputer fromthe supplier.

A.requested B. asked C. ordered D. demanded

58.The book gives you a good____ of what life was like in Japan in the 19th century.

A.painting B. drawing C.portrait D. photo 59.Ithasmadememuchmore__ totheneedsofthedisabled.

A. sensitive B. sensible C.safe D. secure

60.He ate some poisonous mushrooms with serious

A. results B.impacts C.outcomes D.consequences 61.Thebadweathercompletely___ ourholiday.

A.spoiled B. destroyed C. defeated D. damaged

62.Tom hadn't had ______ education before he joined the army.

A.many B. little C. few D. much

63. Try ______ she might, Sue couldn't get the door open.

A. what B. that C.like D. as 64.Itwasquitealongtime___Irealized what had happened to the old man.

A. after B. when C. since D. before

65.Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, ______ the behaviorofanimals depends mainly on instinct.

A. so B. whereas C. unless D. that

66.The ______ of her paper published in ―Scientific American" is animal life inrainforests.

A.topic B. structure C.logic D. idea

67. Twins often complain that people tend to treat them as a pair, ______ individuals.

A. ratherthan B.betterthan

C.lessthan D.worsethan

68.Itisabeautifuloldhouse,butthe broken windows ______ itsappearance.

A. improve B. ruin C.change D. prove

69.The researchers believe that the mice eating the special ______ will grow twice asfast.

A.diet B. menu C.order D. dish

70.The museum called in an expert to ______ if the painting was a fake.

A. criticize B. praise C.determine D. describe

71.The speech contest will give him an opportunity to ______ histalent.

A. deny B. decide C.differ D. demonstrate 72.Areyousureyouhaveenoughresources ______ thisproject?

A. carry out B.bringabout

C.leadto D. put on

73. ______the introduction, the professor explained the major concept that would becovered in the class.

A.By B. Like C.For D.I

74. We kept our distance from the hunter and his game ______ disturb the hunt.

A.soasnotto B.soastonot

C.sothatnotto D.sothattonot

75.Whetherat home ______ at work, Tom always works hard to make good use ofhistime.

A.plus B. and C.or D. nor

Part IV Cloze(C points)

Directions : There are 10 numbered blanks in thefollowing passage.For each blankthere arefour choices markedA,B,C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWERSHEET.

Researher sin Britainaretelling schools that children should be doing more learning outdoors. The researchers say there is currently too

life. There have been five ajor reports over the past decade that stress the need for students to

the decline in Britain. The researchers want Britain's government to act to put outdoor learning on the curriculum ofall schools.

There portisfromresearcher sat the University of Plymouth. It say stherearemany benefits of outdoor learning for children.One advantage is it builds confidence in children as they for their parents,like climbing trees. Another advantage is that it makes children more of theenvironment and teaches them to nature. There are also health benefits aschildren exercise more sitting in a classroom or being at home with videogames.

76.A.much B. many C.few D. little

77.A.strange B. important C.exciting D. surprising

78.A.widens B. completes C. improves D.weakens

79.A.action B.attention C.advice D.notice

80.A.on B.in C.at D.for

81.A.which B. that C. how D. when

82.A.normal B. magic C. strong D.clever

83.A.afraid B. frightened C. aware D. careful

84.A.admire B. respect C. build D. provide

85.A.incase B.byfar C. instead of D. as for



1. 试卷满分 15分。

2. 试卷二的答案一律用蓝色或黑色墨水笔写在试卷二答题卡指定区域内, 未写在试卷二答 题卡指定区域或写在试卷上的无效。

3. 宣布考试结束后,考生一律停笔,将试卷和答题卡反扣在自己的桌面上,坐在原位,等 待监考人员收试卷和答题卡,待监考人员全部收齐点清无误,宣布可以离场后,方可离 开考场。

Part V Writing (15 points)

Directions : You are to write in 100- 120 words on the topic of ― Why do peoplelike/dislike iPhones?" Youshould base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below

苹果公司的 Phone 是全球最知名手机之一我喜欢 /不喜欢 IPhone (请选择一种观点来写 ) 。理 由是 ……

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